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Circle of Hope Community Center's Rules To Receive Food:


1. Please be kind one to one another and to our volunteers. We are all doing the best we can.  

2. We will open our parking lot at 7:30 am (with an 8:00 am serving start) and the gate will close at 11 am sharp.

3. Please arrive on your assigned day of either Monday or Friday.

4. When visiting our pantry, ONLY drive from Vision Drive to Three Points Road to take a right into our parking lot (see picture below).

5. Do NOT drive from Pecan Street onto Three Points Road. Left hand turns into our parking lot are NOT allowed because it backs up traffic on Pecan Street.

6. If our parking lot is full and gate is closed, please come back a little later when our parking lot reopens.


7. Do NOT stop in the middle of or park on the side of Three Points Road. Do NOT attempt U-turns on Three Points Road.

8. Do NOT drive or park in any of the surrounding businesses' parking lots.

9.  Do NOT stop on Three Points Road in front of the closed gate to talk to volunteers. We cannot stop traffic on Three Points Road as it is very dangerous.

10. If it is your first time to visit Circle of Hope for food, please fill out form located at and bring completed form with you when you come on your first visit to register with us.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Beginning in October, if you are a first time visitor who has never signed up with Circle of Hope before and do not have a Circle of Hope Customer Card, you CANNOT come on Monday or Friday to sign up. We will ONLY register new Clients on every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring your photo identification.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Beginning in October, we will not be able to serve you food during our Monday or Friday serving days IF you do not present your Circle of Hope Customer Card that you received from us when registering with us prior to coming on a serving day. We will accept you showing us the paper version of your Circle of Hope Customer Card, or email electronic version of your Circle of Hope Customer Card, or photo version of your Circle of Hope Customer Card.


**We need volunteers to help support our mission. You can sign up on our website to volunteer at **

We appreciate your help and patience to make Circle of Hope a better place for everyone.

Thank you,

Tina Lee, Executive Director

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