Starting Monday May 2nd, 2022, Circle of Hope Community Center (COHCC) will be limiting our neighbors to come once a week to our distributions. Our system and your COHCC card will now reflect the days you are scheduled to come. This will either be a Monday OR Friday each week, you will be informed of your designated day at the next distribution you come to.

As our numbers grow and we continue to serve more and more individuals, our parking lot continues to fill quickly. COHCC allows our neighbors to start lining up for distribution at 9am. Once the parking lot is filled, ALL cars will be directed to the public parking lot at Three Points Plaza by Planet Fitness right up the street at 2700 W Pecan St where our volunteers will continue to check in all vehicles. When ready, we will direct you to head to the COHCC parking lot where you will be let in and served. Our volunteers have been informed to not let in any car that has not gone through our check-in at our overflow parking at Three Points Plaza. Although the parking lot may appear to have room, you will not be let in unless you have been checked in at the overflow parking and sent over. As a reminder, we are a drive-thru distribution and we do not allow individuals to get out of their vehicles. This allows us to be most time efficient during our serving hours (10am – 12pm).

Please note, COHCC will not tolerate any form of bullying directed towards our volunteers. We are doing everything we can to better serve our community and we will continue to adapt to all the changes and challenges we face. We understand that these changes can be confusing, and we appreciate all of you for your compliance and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.